Executive Director Stefano Carniato

Curator Freddy Osorio




An art gallery is a space of discovery, of inquiry and learning about art. And once you unveil the greatness of a work of art for you, you are guided and oriented to acquire the art that will become part of your life, your patrimony, and investment.

Art & Art from its beginnings had a particular clarity of vision for the project, which represented a departure from existing models of art galleries. Art & Art decided from the beginning to focus on promoting its artists before acquiring large stocks of inventories. Providing a dynamic, fresh and pertinent program of exhibitions and information to its audience and clients on art emerged from Latin America. This approach instead of becoming a drawback instead proved a great source of innovation. It has become a motivating factor in the collaborative spirit that developed between the gallery, its artists and its audience.

Art & Art is a participatory space; its flexibility affords the gallery many collaborative opportunities to develop its various projects. Art & Art produces exhibitions, publications, discursive, and educational projects aimed at forging a critical understanding of local and international phenomena in art and society, bringing its audience the unique opportunity to approach to Latin American art, get involved with it, and acquire great art.

We foment conversations between the international and the local, establishing an exchange of ideas able to transcend national borders, presenting and representing artists from diverse nationalities and artistic approaches. Our emerging and mid-career artists represent the dynamic, flexible and changing vitality of contemporary art.

This analytical and innovative dialog has remained an integral part of the gallery and its artists as a working process. Our exhibitions productions, publications, discursive, and educational projects are aimed at forging a critical understanding of local and international art phenomena for our audiences, emerging collectors and established collectors.

At Art & Art, while each artist develops a singular experience, they also fuel off each other’s work and the sharing spirit of the gallery with outside critics, curators, scholars, and our visitors. This hands-on dynamic provides the artists, its audiences, and collectors a sense of belonging which has significantly shaped the gallery’s overall development.

Today the gallery represents a compelling group of local and international artists. In a space not only for viewing and contemplation, but to also support criticism and research, to guide and advise our audience in the unique experience of enjoying, acquiring and collecting art.

Art & Art is proposed as a suitable setting for a versatile art activity. Through our exhibitions, lectures, social media information, direct contact with the artists, our participation in art fairs, events and collaborations with other art institutions, our publications and our commitment to be a proactive bridge between the artist and the collector.

Being rewarded with a work that truly fits your collection it’s our aim, we want our artists, our audiences, collectors and beyond to feel at home at Art & Art, whether it’s your 1,000th visit to an art gallery or your first time. You are welcome.