Artist Bio and Available Art Pieces

Alberto La Tassa

Venice, Italy. 1986

PLACE OF ORIGIN: Venice, Italy


Born in 1986, Alberto La Tassa is an Italian artist issued from a family engaged with the arts since 1820. La Tassa started practicing on different disciplines from early childhood. After obtaining his diploma in Padova, he moved to Venice, where he still lives and works, graduating with first class honors at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts.

Eclectic and multifaceted, the artist explores and controls with graceful and powerful technique different forms of art: painting, sculpture, graphic and jewelry design .

He paints and creates art with a perfect mastery of the artistic languages, showing a complex and interesting range of techniques, from painting and drawing to sculpture and engraving. Observing his works, you have the “impression of being in front of an expert who draws inspiration from the masterpieces of the ancient times”.Classic gestures and “maniere” coexist with a modern and eccentric extravaganza, reflected in all the aspects of this dandy’s art and life style.

Byzantine and Venetians fragments of colors, Baroque architectures, surrealistic dreams and hyperrealistic details: they all share the same canvases and stand out in front of the observer. This is a golden world populated by extravagant figures: emperors and queens, hermaphrodites and freaks, Mars and Venus. They are in constant conflict and attraction: the climax is a fusion of masculine and feminine, black and white, opulence and emptiness.

A refined erotism shows through his works: “provoked desires and passion, are whispered in the ear of a lover as if they were words that become languidly colors”. “Naked statuesque bodies are perfectly refined, you can almost hear the rustle of silken fabrics, bucolic or unreal landscapes return to us as famous mythological scenes”.
Looking through these art works it is visible that what inspires La Tassa could be defined as a collage of experiences: memories, desires, fantasies and undefined erotic suggestions. These aspects impose, repulse and blend to each other, creating a new perfectly balanced oneiric dimension.
What is always present and characterizes La Tassa’s paintings is the constant research of pure beauty. This is not just an element of his production, but it is the key to understand the whole work itself: beauty as a shocking experience for the spectator, and the artist at the same time.

His art is an ideal place, full of references from a personal past and present, that can be seen and shared as universal. Contemplating La Tassa’s works you can perceive the feeling of being accepted in an intimate space, made of lights and shadows, usually reserved for the artist only.


Available Art Pieces

Alberto La Tassa Salto Quantico, 2016

Oil on canvas

91″ x 68″

Alberto La Tassa Prima Di Primavera, 2015

Oil and gold sheet on canvas

112″ x 79″

Alberto La Tassa Lacrima, 2015

Oil on canvas

35 x 27,5″


Alberto La Tassa Madrigali, 2014

Oil on canvas

39″ x 47″

Alberto La Tassa Fili Rossi, 2015

Oil on canvas

31,5″ x 29,5″

Alberto La Tassa Dama Con Testa Di Sole, 2018

Oil and graphite on canvas on wood panel

7ft 11″ x 4ft

Alberto La Tassa Cardinale In White Satin, 2018

Oil and graphite on wood panel

7ft 11″ x 4ft

Alberto La Tassa Knights In White Satin II, 2018

Oil and graphite on wood panel

7ft 11″ x 4ft

Alberto La Tassa Knights In White Satin III, 2018

Oil and graphite on wood panel

7ft 11″ x 4ft

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