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Enrico Benetta

Treviso, Italy. 1977

PLACE OF ORIGIN: Treviso, Italy
SCHOOL: Graduated in 2001 from the Academy of Fine Arts, Venice, Italy

Personal Exhibitions: 

Caratteri del Padre, Pio Sodalizio dei Piceni, Complesso Monumentale di San Salvatore in Lauro, Rome (Italy)
Entre Signe et Ecriture, Paris (France)
Le Parole del Tempo, Galleria Russo, Rome (Italy)
Poesie d’Acqua, rive del fiume Cagnan, Treviso (Italy)
SublimAzioni, Abbazia di San Gregorio, Venice (Italy)
Dandelion, Fondazione Benetton, Spazi Bomben, Treviso (Italy)
I caratteri del Padre, Museo Antico Tesoro, Loreto (Italy)
L’attesa, La Tempesta, Castelfranco Veneto, Treviso (Italy)
Five Colours, Art Basel, Boutique V°73, Miami (USA)
Solstizio d’Estate, Studio Gatti Project, Treviso (Italy)
Solstizio d’Estate, Studio Gatti Project, Treviso (Italy)
Questione di carattere, Biblioteca Palatina, Parma (Italy)
Lettere Alfabeti Grafie, Biblioteca Angelica, Rome (Italy)
1000 miglia 2012, Brescia (Italy)
Premio Festival Città Impresa 2012 – 1000 fabbricatori di idee, Vicenza (Italy)
Lettere diAmanti, Galleria Russo: Asso di Quadri, Milan (Italy)
Verba manent scripta volant, Galleria Russo: Asso di Quadri, Milan (Italy)
Levitas. Pittura nella poesia, Galleria Russo, Rome (Italy)
INAREA, Ara Pacis, Rome (Italy)
Sit Up, installazione Fuori Biennale, Isola di S. Servolo, Venice (Italy)
Circostanze, Alexander Girardi Hall, Cortina d’Ampezzo (Italy)
Enrico Benetta, Showroom del Gruppo Montezemolo, Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Paris (France)
Incanto, centro storico, Asolo (Italy)
Incanto, Casa dei Carraresi, Treviso (Italy)
Enrico Benetta, Salone delle Esposizioni e Showroom Frau, Dubai (UAE)

Group Exhibitions: 

B come Bodoni, Galleria Asso di Quadri, Milan (Italy)
B come Bodoni, Biblioteca Braidense, Milan (Italy)
L’arte del tempo di mezzo, Noto (Italy)
L’arte del tempo di mezzo, Siracusa (Italy)
Io Klimt, Gubbio (Italy)
La leggerezza della scultura, Cerrina, Alessandria (Italy)



Born in 1977, Enrico Benetta is an Italian artist from Treviso. He graduated in 2001, specializing in Decoration, from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Italy. He began his career as a contemporary artist thereafter.

In 2002 he participated in a Master’s degree program in communication at the structure “INAREA, identity and design network” in the main branch of Rome, which was an experience that became a concrete artistic-professional collaboration.

The work of Benetta is characterized by a language that moves on different stylistic registers, impressively fused by his strong personality, overflowing with desire to communicate, in which various polarities become soddered together. His work is aimed at a wide and diverse audience, where everyone, based on their own artistic sensibility, can enjoy his work.

He has a distinctive mark, whether these are canvases or installations, which is the typeface per excellence, – the Bodoni – it has become his stylistic mark, his base for the creation of an original and casual visual narrative. It is as if the letter for Benetta were not the primary element of the word, but something that should be contemplated, as if it were the constitutive thought of the work itself. The letters, in fact, fall on the pages, creating new stories, new adventures that the imagination of the spectator re-elaborates and finishes, giving a different meaning to the work every time. The corten steel, natural material used for sculpture, transmit that patina of the past that evokes the fascinating elements of great volumes of histories.

He lives in Montebelluna, a province of Treviso in Italy. His works is exhibited in important galleries, such as Galleria Russo in Rome and Galleria Tornabuoni in Florence.


Available Art Pieces

Enrico Benetta Riflessioni, 2017

Mixed media

18 x 16″

Enrico Benetta La Pagina Del Tempo, 2017

Mixed media

17 x 14″

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