Artist Bio and Available Art Pieces

Luis Israel Gonzalez Sosa

San Luis, Cuba, 1980

SCHOOL: Samuel Feijoo Professional School of Art, Santa Clara, Cuba


In all his recent creation, the painter from San Luis, Luis González González Sosa has opted to imagine cities.

In his paintings, now exhibited in the gallery Wifredo Lam, of the Villa del Undoso, the city does not surpass its own fragile character. The huge buildings, stripped of their apparent firmness, hang here by a thread: surrounded by scaffolding, on defiant cusps, contrary to physical laws, they could fall at any moment.

The young artist graduated from the Samuel Feijóo Professional School of Art, in Cuba (EPA). In his work, fragility grips the destiny of cities. Just as living organisms, houses, churches and innumerable landmarks of universal architecture, superimposed as if they had a common origin, and are inevitably heading towards deterioration. And the cities are not represented according to a static conception. The precariousness and the passage of time, suggestions well achieved through the technique of charcoal – determine the course of the buildings, as well as the existence of people. Precisely, with these works Luis Israel doesn’t want to tell stories of cities, but metaphors of human life.

“I find it interesting to tell the story of the human being from another point of view, and not from the human figure,” explains the artist. More than anything, his work explores “the place that men and women created to inhabit, and that always leaves a mark on time, and space. What interests me, “he says,” is to take that place and turn it into a portrait, a life story. ”

Luis Israel González Sosa has exhibited in galleries in Rome, Venice and Brescia, in Italy. However, in his own land he still seems quite unknown.


Available Art Pieces

Luis Israel Gonzalez Sosa A La Deriva, 2017

Ink on canvas

48 x 31 “

Luis Israel Gonzalez Sosa Enclave, 2017

Mixed on canvas

48 x 30 “

Luis Israel Gonzalez Sosa La Jornada, 2017

Mixed on canvas

42 x 28″

Luis Israel Gonzalez Sosa Fundamento, 2017

Coal on canvas

41 x 28″

Luis Israel Gonzalez Sosa Agedio, 2017

Mixed on canvas

50 x 18.5″

Luis Israel Gonzalez Sosa Puente, 2017

Coal on canvas

50 x 18″

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